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2/22/15 - I will get around to updating this page eventually. I am Still maintaining my page and such after all these years.


8/19/06 - Final Update for the next Month or so. If you know me well, then you know that Amanda and I were Offically Married on August 12th 2006. We have set up a wedding webpage (Click HERE to get there) that will be getting updated as I receive more photos. This page has also received an update as well. There are some photo albums that have just gone up. I will be updating from the road if i can. We are leaving for out (2) week honeymoon in like 24 hrs - or less. We will spend 1 fun filled week in Florida (AT THE HARD ROCK HOTEL) then we head to Mexico - Via Carnival Cruse lines (from port Canaveral). They (Carnival) made my life difficult in terms of getting our agenda straight, but I have to give them a big thanks for letting us switch to the better cruse. I will be adding a Link on the links page for the wedding site (Once I make a nice banner) and the pics from out honeymoon will end up there as well. As for this page, if you have visited in the past week you might have noticed the MOVIES albums down - that has been taken care of and they all work again - but I will be doing some major updating on that and soon will have a way better interface to watch my movies. I will have to embrase YouTube and Google video as I need to stop paying for webspace that I can get for free. I am also Converting to WMV a bunch of graduation videos from Kara's graduation and graduation party. 4th of July Videos are encoded and ready to go as well. I also will be adding more MAGS videos soon - almost 45 minutes of straight front row concert footage as well as some BXF (Jessie Blaze) videos I took at Dublin Pub. Adios for now and Hasta la visata baby.




8/1/06 - Wow it's been a while since I updated this page. Alt has happened over the past few months. I will Go into detail at a later time. Remember you can always read my Blogs on Myspace. I think I am going to be adding my own blogs section to this page soon - No that these aren't blogs but i feel it's time that things looked a bit different. I have my wedding coming up in less than 2 weeks - then the LONG honey moon and my Work conference. I will do my best to update as much as I can. I did add my sisters graduation photos to the photos section and my arcade site is updated as well. I gre my hair a bit longer - photos to come soon and alot of other stuff I am going to want to share soon. Thanks for stoping by.




3/11/06 - Check out the Picture Section as I added a Ton of new Albums as well as the Final Layout of the Viewing room with the movie poster. Also check out my movies section as I added Aerosmith Movies from Winter 2005 and Bon Jovi 2005. (yes Streamload - no account needed - click and enjoy)




3/06/06 - Viewing Room got a makeover Check it out in the Photo album section. See the pic to the Right? Thats me in July 2005, I posted some Self Pics of me March 1st 2006 and some other Misc Photos, My cousin at my house for her birthday. The stray cats make an appearance, and the puppy is shy. Also my dad shoing off his haxz0r Skillz too.






I have made Updates since my last entry. Though today I am documenting them. Check the Photo's Section for all sorts of new albums. Also check out the movies/videos section as I added a bunch of new stuff there.




Links Section has also been updated with some new links of webpages and Projects I have worked on and deserve their own page.






Bedroom and Viewing room


are totally Finished and


Pics and Albums are


avalable to view. There


is also a Short movie tour,


in the movies section.






Happt T Day. New Pics of


the finished bedroom are posted. I love the way it


came out. Check out


the photo album section.






Bedroom Photos - New


Bedroom built and Pretty


much ready to be lived in.




Also some other Random


Albums are up.  






Ditial Life Expo Photos.


These are pictures I took at


the Digital Life Expo in New


York City at the Jacob Javits


Convention Center.




This Expo Featured games


Computers and other cool


Stuff you might want to


check out.




Movies Will be Posted within


24 Hours Too.








Photo Album Updated.


Check out all the Photos


from my Vegas Trip and


also see my Training


at my conference. Get


a glance of the New Xbox


360 Game system as


well as see photos of me


and Dive Mirra and all


his BMX friends Hanging


out and haveing a great


time at the Hard Rock


Hotel. There are also


Other highlights and


photos. Movies Will be


posted as well so make


sure to visit the Movies


Section of the Site.






Photo Albums Updated


Carry-A -tune Demo Photos


From J&R Jazz Festival


August 26th-28th 2005




Other Albums Up as well








New album


Pictures added


Crt Vs. Lcd Using


Viewing Room Setup








Site Updated with new


Photos in the Photo


section. Also Movies


section has been


updated as well.




Block party - Cornell


Rd - 2005 - Has


been added.




Other Site Ajustments


are in the works.


I have Fixed all photo










This Space will contain


what parts of the site


have been updated


today in a format just


like this entry.


Keep an eye out for


updates soon.









Welcome to !


This is a place-holder for the home page.


This Page will eventually Contain everything that is ME.


I just started  on this page on July 28th 2005.



















































































































































































































































































































































































































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